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Aug. 4, 2021

How The Principles of Client Success Relate To Career Success

How The Principles of Client Success Relate To Career Success

Companies depend on client success to drive sustained revenue and business growth. In this week’s Skill Sharp: The Podcast, we welcome Joseph Banda, an enterprise-level client success executive, that specializes in business development and relationship management across a diverse set of industries. In this inspiring discussion, Joseph relates his subject-matter expertise to how professionals across all functions and levels can establish a system of day-to-day success on the job and throughout a career. If you are working to improve your skills in networking, seeking a new job, or striving to advance in your career, don’t hesitate to listen to this episode! 

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Joseph BandaProfile Photo

Joseph Banda

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

As a results-oriented and methodical professional, I offer my broad-based experience in overall aspects of business and sales operations within diverse industries. I am recognized for my excellent ability to deal with new business development, client services, business-to-business (B2B) sales, and account management. I possess strong decision-making capabilities to resolve conflicts and improve operational effectiveness by implementing strategic plans and initiatives. Moreover, I am a reliable leader, equipped with various best practices essential in achieving the corporate mission and vision, as well as in cultivating relationships with key clients and other levels of professionals towards the company’s success.