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Skill Sharp: The Podcast

Skill Sharp: The Podcast

The Podcast is an interactive and entertaining analysis of the business landscape, key trends of the marketplace, and how to be or stay competitive professionally. Hosted by three media industry insiders, Mike, Todd, and Brian, who collectively have over 60 years of Talent Acquisition (Recruiting) & Human Resources experience working for some of the largest, most well-known media brands in the world. Subscribe to Skill Sharp: The Podcast and download fresh perspective every Thursday to stay sharp!

Recent Episodes

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - A Game-Changing Conversation With Maggie Rubey Lynch

Aug. 16, 2022

In business, great executive leaders have the ability to see things differently. Exceptional leaders have the vision and capacity to change the game entirely. Skill Sharp: The Podcast is excited to present a game-changing co…

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - The Value Of Being Early To The Metaverse - Part 2 with Rodney Morris

Aug. 2, 2022

Remember the beginning of the internet, streaming, or the cloud? All experienced tumultuous starts. But for some of those leaders and companies that stayed the course through the ups and downs, they have achieved unbelievabl…

Guest: Rodney Morris

Web3, Crypto, NFTs & The Creator Economy Featuring Rodney Morris - Part 1

May 20, 2022

Have you heard of Web3? Are you already working in a Web3-related job? For those unfamiliar, consider it the new Creator Industrial Complex. With more headlines, articles, podcasts, and company name changes related to the Me…

Guest: Rodney Morris

Skill Sharp: The Podcast "From Ecommerce to the Metaverse - Nate Constantine Explains the Red Hot Job Market"

April 28, 2022

This is the best of times for some professionals and executives. The job market is red hot, and some are striking it rich. Others are being left out, and many are just changing chairs. In this episode of Skill Sharp: The Pod…

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - Activating Next-Level Thinking Featuring Executive Producer, LaFern Cusack

Feb. 24, 2022

Welcome to season three of Skill Sharp: The Podcast! In sports and life, making the proper adjustments are critical to success. Often, thoughts and feelings from the past or judgments made on current circumstances cloud our …

Guest: LaFern Cusack

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - How To Discover & Live Your Professional Dreams - Part 2 w/ Richard Harrigan & Lybrant Robinson, Co-Owners of the Tri-State Warriors Women's Football Franchise

Dec. 10, 2021

Skill Sharp: The Podcast is excited to present part 2 of our conversation with Richard Harrigan and Lybrant "LB" Robinson, co-owners of the Tri-State Warriors football franchise. We will learn more about the league, the Wome…

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About the Hosts

Brian WrightProfile Photo

Brian Wright

Brian Wright is the Co-Founder & President of Max Edwards Company. MEC is a business consulting and professional development firm specializing in growth and engagement strategies for companies, communities, and individual professionals.

Brian has nearly 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience working for some of the largest media and entertainment brands in the world. (i.e., Universal Studios, House of Blues, Disney, Warner Bros., FOX Sports) Over his tenure in television, Brian led diverse teams that planned and executed major projects such as the launch of nine new broadcast and cable networks.

Following his career in corporate, Brian made the pivot to consulting where he leverages recruiting expertise and professional development strategies to help businesses build high-performing teams. Over the past four years, Brian has expanded his services to business development and strategic advisement for corporations, foundations, and non-profits. Also, he provides executive coaching and professional development strategies for professionals, recent graduates, and veterans. Our signature program is the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship, which is in its second year and has doubled in size.

Todd NakasoneProfile Photo

Todd Nakasone

Todd Nakasone is the Co-Founder of Targa Talent Group which provides Talent Acquisition Advisory and Consulting services to the Media, SaaS, FinTech, Electric Vehicle industries. His Talent Acquisition and Executive search career spans 26 years working for some of the world’s largest media brands such as Warner Bros. NBCUniversal, Disney & FOX Television Group. During his career he’s placed executives in Production, TV Development, Legal, PR, Operations, Marketing, Technology, Finance/Accounting and Sales.

Todd started his career in corporate as a Financial Analyst, but transitioned to Recruiting to help his candidates pursue their career aspirations.

Mike DanielsProfile Photo

Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels is an independent recruitment consultant who has over 20 years of experience partnering with numerous media and entertainment organizations to staff critical roles in engineering/technology, product, marketing, accounting/finance, business development, and television production.

His clients include:
• Warner Bros
• FOX Entertainment Group
• FOX Networks Group
• Viacom/CBS
• NBCUniversal