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Oct. 29, 2020

Practical Applications with Guest Audre Pile

Practical Applications with Guest Audre Pile
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Guest Audre Pile is the Supervisor Post Production and Localization at SDI Media.

Audre Pile is English Dubbing Supervisor, for the Los Angeles office of SDI Media Inc., responsible for developing and overseeing the production of multi-language dubbing into English.  

She currently runs a team of recording and editing engineers that bring voice over talent into studio and dub animation and live action content for international clients. She works with entities like Netflix, HBO, Warner Brothers, Imagica, and Pixelogic on Union and non-union dubbing projects.

Pile joined SDI in 2018.  Halfway through she began her studies for paralegal certification at UCLA Paralegal Extension program and has just wrapped on her year long course. Audre hopes to combine her love of filmmaking, her acquired skills in supervising and her certification in law to lead her to the next step in the entertainment industry. 

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