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Aug. 2, 2022

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - The Value Of Being Early To The Metaverse - Part 2 with Rodney Morris

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - The Value Of Being Early To The Metaverse - Part 2 with Rodney Morris
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Remember the beginning of the internet, streaming, or the cloud? All experienced tumultuous starts. But for some of those leaders and companies that stayed the course through the ups and downs, they have achieved unbelievable success. Skill Sharp: The Podcast welcomes Web3 expert and consultant, Rodney Morris back to take us a little deeper into the future of the Metaverse. Rodney will share why people from all backgrounds can find value in being early to the Metaverse. Beam us up, Rodney! Listen to this and other episodes at www.Skill-Sharp.com

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Rodney MorrisProfile Photo

Rodney Morris

Entrepreneur & Investor

Rodney Morris is an entrepreneur/investor with a background in finance. He has a passion for building concepts/strategies, investing in game-changing founders and a passion for working with talent. He has a unique mix of analytical skills, creativity, and building ability.....he has worked as an investment team member for an early-stage software venture capital firm, a Growth Equity/Private Equity Associate in media/entertainment, a strategy consultant, and a past founder of two companies in the creator economy and music/entertainment.

Rodney is proud to pay it forward by being a mentor for upcoming Gen-Z venture capital investors as a Gen-Z VCs mentor, a mentor for Morehouse's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, a HBCUvc investment committee member for their Lab Fund, and is looking to continue to pay it forward, so please reach out if there are opportunities that align.

Rodney was named An Emerging Leader by HBCUvc on their annual 31 under 31 List in 2021.

Rodney is currently advising and investing in the areas of: talent, sports, web3-crypto, media, tech, and culture.