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Jolene Timmons

Talent Acquisition Leader

Jolene is a Talent Acquisition & Executive Search Leader with a Passion for Hiring Game-Changing Talent

Over the course of her 20 years in media, I've hired for a full array of talent and executive leaders within production, games, digital / editorial content, communications, research, technology, publicity, development, marketing, animation, finance, consumer products, human resources, retail and executive management. She has worked to build teams at the corporate and network level. Jolene is a passionate, collaborative people manager who strives to develop & empower her teams to take risks and become leaders and she believes in the strengths of the individual and the power of combined talents.

Career Navigation & Mobility with Jolene Timmons
Oct. 22, 2020

Career Navigation & Mobility with Jolene Timmons

Career Navigation & Mobility with special guest Jolene Timmons, Director of Recruitment for one of the world’s top Talent Agencies. Skill Sharp explores former colleague Jolene Timmons’ journey from temp employee at Warner Br...

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