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Feb. 24, 2022

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - Activating Next-Level Thinking Featuring Executive Producer, LaFern Cusack

Skill Sharp: The Podcast - Activating Next-Level Thinking Featuring Executive Producer, LaFern Cusack
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Welcome to season three of Skill Sharp: The Podcast! In sports and life, making the proper adjustments are critical to success. Often, thoughts and feelings from the past or judgments made on current circumstances cloud our ability to make proper adjustments. In this episode of Skill Sharp: The Podcast, Mike, Todd, and Brian speak with LaFern Cusack, Executive Producer, long-time host of ESPNLA’s The Experience with LaFern Cusack, and CEO of inFERNo Productions. She explains how next-level thinking has kept her a step ahead in her career development and creative success. For some, survival is a success. LaFern’s encouraging words will help us embed next-level thinking into our daily practice. To access this episode and our previous seasons, visit www.skill-sharp.com

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LaFern CusackProfile Photo

LaFern Cusack

Executive Producer, Content Curator, Podcasts / New Media

LaFern is an award winning broadcaster, producer and entertainment media professional with over 20 years of experience in building and implementing diverse creative content worldwide from pre to post- production management.

LaFern Executive produced and hosted over 2000 hours of content focusing on community engagement, diversity, entertainment marketing and social change. Produced and implemented over 2000 long and short form videos.

She has been awarded the Golden Buccaneer Award for broadcasting and community excellence from the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network (formerly known as Print Interactive Radio and Television Educational Society); Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) National Rising Star BELL Award for Excellence, BELL Award for Outstanding Fundraising- Financial and the AWM SoCal Tracey Miller Merit Award for commitment to the community and broadcasting industry. Former Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa also recognized her outstanding community service at the Environmental Youth Conference.